11 Dangerous Foods to Never Eat with Braces

11. Hard Cereals

Hard cereals such as cornflakes mean you run the risk of damaging your brackets and wires and causing your brace to bend out of shape.

How you get around this one depends on your palate. You can either switch your hard cereal out for a softer one such as Weetabix, or let your favourite hard cereal stand in the milk a little longer until it goes soggy.

Whichever method you choose, adding sugar to the cereal is a no no.

Talking to your friends etc., you will always find someone who insists that they ate something they shouldn’t have ate when wearing braces with no repercussions. Of course you can choose to take this advice, or you can choose to take the advice of your dentist, a trained professional who knows the risks that eating the wrong foods while wearing braces can run.

As a rule of thumb, avoiding hard, chewy/sticky and sugary foods will keep your teeth and braces healthy, and allow you to get brace free and sporting your perfect smile in no time.

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